Social Media Strategy for Small Business Owners

Marketing your business on social media this year is no easy feat. Or is it? I'm Kristin, and I show small business owners what, how, and when to use Instagram to give their brand a boost… right in the midst of this pandemic. If you’re ready to learn how to craft authentic posts that boost the profitability of your business now, then sanitize your hands and keep scrolling!


Sure, my bio says “digital creator and certified social media strategist”… I’m a little nerdy like that. But more importantly, I’m a former small business owner who harnessed social media to build profitability. Since then, I’ve gone on to help businesses, non-profits, and even fitness trainers and private schools do the same. I’m an advocate for all things local, I geek out on analytics, and my passion is helping fellow entrepreneurs share their businesses with the world. Oh yeah... and I’m a momma to three of the coolest little girls you've ever met.  


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Total Instagram Posting Checklist

Ready to post to Instagram but not sure you're doing it right?  Download this free checklist to make sure your putting your best post forward!  You'll get my complete checklist of what you need to include in your next IG post BEFORE you post it, and what to do AFTER you've posted for maximum results! Click below now so you can get to posting the RIGHT way...


During this Covid-19 era, you know that “business as usual” just won’t work…
so what will? 

As our new normal continues to evolve, it’s no doubt causing you to pivot your business plan. How you respond to any crisis could make or break it. Covid-19 has permanently impacted the way we live, and the way we do business. Quarantines and stay-at-home orders have directly increased the record number of users on social media platforms in 2020.  So what does this mean for business owners?

That means your consumer IS on Instagram, and your business needs to be there, too. It’s totally possible to use social media to meet genuine fans and followers and convert them into customers, even in the midst of this worldwide virus. Ready to learn how? I’ve got the antidotes to it all right inside these pages.


Algorithm, content planning, and reels, oh my! If those words make your body a little achy like you’re coming down with something, then you’ve turned to the right girl. I teach small business owners how to create and publish valuable content in quick, effective ways. Telling the story of your business on social media in a way that attracts loyal fans and repeat customers is just what the doctor ordered. Click below to check out how I help entrepreneurs like you understand what to post and how to post it, so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business!

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Instagram Checklist

Ready to get on the 'Gram? Use my Complete Instagram Posting Checklist so you know what to do before and after you post. Click here.


5 Most Frequently Asked Q + As

No, you're not the only one with that question.  Click here to read this page from my journal for the answers to these questions and more!

“Honestly, Kristin's social media strategies changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”


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